Quarry Rock

This Friday Nov. 27, we’ll be hiking to Quarry Rock. Let’s meet in the parking lot at Panorama Park in Deep Cove at 9:15. We’ll hit the trail at 9:30

This is a moderate/intermediate hike with some steep, slippery sections. Proper footwear and poles are recommended.

We’ll hope for clear weather, so that we can be rewarded with a nice view after our climb up the hill!

Elena and Bernie will be your leaders. See you then!

Nov. 20 Cypress Falls

This Friday we’re hiking in Cypress Falls Park.

To get to the Cypress Falls Trail, head along Highway 1 and take Exit 4 to Woodgreen Drive / Caulfield Drive. At the stop sign, turn right onto Woodgreen Drive and continue as the road bends to the left and heads uphill. Turn right at the third street on your right called Woodgreen Place. The gravel driveway at the end of the street leads to the parking lot and the trailhead.

Please arrive by 9:15 to allow Tracy and Bernie to take a head count.

The hike will commence at 9:30am.

See you Friday!

Nov. 13, Meet At Parkgate

This Friday Nov.13, we’ll do a hike/urban walk through Cates Park and the trails of Deep Cove.
Let’s meet out back of Parkgate Rec. Centre (off of Banff Ct.) at 9:15 where we’ll count heads and punch passes.

We’ll be ready to hike at 9:30.
This is an easy/moderate hike.

See you there!

Nov. 6 Berkley Trails

This Friday Nov.6, we’ll be meeting at the north end of Riverside Drive and hiking the trails in the Riverside/Berkley area.

To get there, go north from Mount Seymour Parkway onto Riverside Drive and follow Riverside all the way to the end.

We’ll meet at 9:15 and we’ll be ready to hike at 9:30.

This is an intermediate hike….let’s hope for sunshine!


Due to expected poor weather conditions at the top of the mountain, we have decided to change the location of this Friday’s hike.

We will now be meeting behind Parkgate Shopping Centre and hiking (our favourite) The Old Buck Trail.

Please pass this info along to your fellow Trekkers…hope to see you Friday!

Hollyburn Mountain, Oct. 23

This Friday we’ll be meeting at the Cypress nordic area, then hiking the trails to Hollyburn Mountain. This hike has some steep rocky sections, bring your poles. It might be a wet week, so be prepared for muddy conditions!

To get to the nordic area, drive up Cypress mountain and turn right before you get to the very top. You’ll be heading toward the Hollyburn cross country area, we’ll meet in the parking lot there.

Meet your leaders Tracy and Bernie at 9:15, and be ready to hit the trails at 9:30.
See you then!

Have you lost a hiking pole?

….if you have, it’s been found! It’s a blue and silver collapsible pole with a black handle. If you’d like to get it back, call Barb at 604.929.1175.



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