Whyte Lake

Friday May 24, we’ll be hiking to Whyte Lake from the trailhead on Westport Road.

To get to the trailhead, take exit 4 from highway 1 then turn left onto Westport Road. Go straight at the 4 way stop, then follow Westport Road under the highway until you come to a small gravel parking area on the right side (adjacent to the Hwy.1 eastbound lanes).

The hike is considered moderate with some steep sections. Proper footwear and poles are recommended.
Please be at the trailhead at 9:15 and we’ll hit the trail at 9:30, returning around 11:30.…see you then!


Quarry Rock

This Friday May 17, we’ll be hiking to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove.

This is a moderate/intermediate hike with steep sections and stairs. Proper footwear and poles are recommended.

We’ll hope for clear weather, so that we can enjoy a nice view of Indian Arm after our climb up the hill.

Let’s meet at 9:15 in the parking lot at Panorama Park in Deep Cove. We’ll hit the trail at 9:30.

The hike should take approximately 2 hours.

There are parking restrictions in the area and this a very popular meeting spot, might be a good idea to car pool.
See you Friday!

Meet At Lynn Canyon Cafe

This Friday May 10, we’ll be meeting at the Lynn Canyon Cafe which is located in Lynn Canyon Park. From there we’ll head down into the canyon to hike the Two Canyon Loop.

This hike is a new addition to our schedule and rated intermediate with some steep sections.

Please allow some extra time as this hike may take a little more than two hours.

See you at the Lynn Canyon Cafe at 9:15, we’ll start hiking at 9:30.

St. Georges Trail

This Friday May 3 we’ll be meeting at the top of St. Mary’s Ave., where it intersects Woodale, in the Upper Lonsdale area.
We’ll then walk up the hill to the St. Georges Trail.
This hike is intermediate to intermediate plus with substantial elevation gain. It’s straight uphill (in somewhat rough terrain) to the power lines and continues uphill once into the trails before levelling off.

We’ll return via the power line trail.

Make sure that you’re wearing appropriate hiking footwear and bring your poles.

If you’d like an extra workout, you can park on the north side of Carisbrooke Park, in the 100 block of east Carisbrooke at 9:00 o’clock, then hike up the hill to meet the rest of the group at 9:15.

We’ll leave from the top of St. Mary’s at 9:30 and return around 11:30.

See you Friday!

This Friday, Meet At End Of The Line

This Friday April 26, we’ll be meeting at the End of the Line store at the corner of Lynn Valley and Dempsey Roads.
From there we’ll head across Lynn Creek and hike through the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, doing a loop through the Homestead and Fisherman’s trails.

There should be plenty of parking available in Kilmer Park in the 1600 block of Dempsey Road.

This is a moderate hike with a some rooty sections and a long uphill section.

The hike should take about two hours, returning to the End Of The Line around 11:30.

Please meet your leaders at the End of the Line at 9:15 and be ready to hike at 9:30.

See you then!

Capilano Pacific Trail

This Friday’s (April 12) hike is in the lower Capilano Canyon area.

We’ll be meeting at the eastern end of Keith Road in West Van, under the highway 1 overpass (head east on Keith from Taylor way)… then we’ll hike up the Capilano Pacific Trail through Capilano Canyon towards Cleveland Dam.

We’ll meet at 9:15 and start our hike at 9:30. This moderate hike should take about 2 hours.

See you Friday!

Meet at Delbrook Rec. Centre

This Friday April 5 we’ll be hiking the Mosquito Creek area trails.

We’ll meet at the new Delbrook main entrance area at 9:15, we’ll be ready to go at 9:30.

It’s a moderate hike with some stairs. The hike should take about two hours.

See you Friday!