April 20 Black Mtn

Please meet this week at Glen Eagles Rec Centre.

I have not pre- hiked the route, but we will be walking the Seaview trail then heading up Nelson Canyon to Whyte lake, and returning along the Black Mtn trail.

See you Friday!


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  1. Posted by dieter stenschke on May 15, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Where do you meet for May 19 – and at what time.
    For Friday Trailtreckers it says on the northvan website,
    the meeting is at the watertower on Indian Road and the hike is at Lighthouse park.
    How does that fit together? please let me know.
    Thanks, dieter_stenschke@yahoo.com


    • Friday May 18th will be at Lighthouse Park.

      May 18 9:30am Lighthouse Park – parking area
      Lighthouse Park Trail Moderate+



    • Dieter,

      We are meeting at Lighthouse Park on Friday, May 18th — originally, we were going to meet at Indian River to do 3 Chops Hike but we decided to change it to Lighthouse Park instead since we’re short two leaders. Hope to see you at Lighthouse on Friday, May 18th. Cheers, Femina (604) 987-9220


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