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Quarry Rock: June 29, 2012

Hello Trekkers,

Our hike for this Friday has been changed from Bowen Island to Quarry Rock.

We will be meeting at the Panorama Park Parking Lot to hike Quarry Rock. We will start our hike at 9:30 am.

See you all then!

Femina Matich (604) 987-9220 (cell)


June 22: Hyannis Hike

Hello Trekkers,

Our hike for this Friday will be at Hyannis.

Directions: From Mt. Seymour Parkway, turn left on Berkley. Go all the way up Berkley and turn left on Hyannis. Parking on the street.

Bernie was kind enough to mark the trail for us yesterday. He said it will take us a minimum of two hours. The hike is moderate/moderate plus. The trail is a little muddy but not too bad– depends how much it rains between now and Friday!

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Femina Matich (604) 987-9220 (cell)


Fishermen’s Trail/Twin Bridges: June 15, 2012

Hello Trekkers,

Our hike for this Friday is Fishermen’s Trail/Twin Bridges. We will be meeting at End of the Line in Lynn Valley for a 9:30 am start.

Looking forward to seeing you all! Let’s hope for sunshine.

Femina Matich (604) 987-9220 (cell)

Red Hiking Poles Found!

Hello Trekkers,

I just received a telephone call from Katie MacIntosh. On Friday, June 8th — a pair of red hiking poles were found at the parking lot at the Richard Juryn Trailhead at Inter River Park after our hike was over.

If the poles belong to you, please contact Katie at 604-988-0821 to claim them!

Thanks Katie!

Femina Matich (604) 987-9220 (cell)

June 8: Richard Juryn Hike

Hello Hikers,
Our hike for this Friday – June 8th will be the RICHARD JURYN hike and not Bridgman Park as mentioned in the schedule.
Driving directions to the trailhead at Inter River Park:
  • North on Lillooet Road from Mount Seymour Parkway (Superstore area)
  • Continue north past Purcell (Cap. U.)
  • Turn left at the Inter -River Park sign (you’ll see the horse stables)
  • At the bottom of the hill go left to follow signs to Field # 1 and Lacrosse Box
  • Turn right just before the gate, you’ll see the kiosk, washrooms and Richard Juryn trailhead…..lots of parking.

We will be starting our hike at 9:30 am.

Thanks!  See you Friday.
Femina Matich
(604) 987-9220 (cell)