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December 7th, 2012, Sahalee Trail, West Vancouver

Hi Trail Trekkers:

Second to last hike prior to Christmas – we’ll meet at Caulfield Shopping Center, off Highway #1 in West Vancouver, in the parking lot and do the Sahalee Trail Loop. For those not familiar with the trail there are long stretches of steep uphill with slippery, rooty areas. Please wear hiking boots and bring poles if needed.

As usual, we meet at 9:15 for a headcount and we’ll leave at 9:30am.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Ciao Tracy, Femina and Bernie


November 30th, 2012 – Bridgeman Park North Vancouver

Hi Trail Trekkers:

We’re back to North Vancouver this week and we’re starting at Bridgeman Park off Keith Road in North Vancouver by the washrooms (please note – this isn’t InterRiver Park off Lillooet). We’ll be starting at the washrooms and head through Bridgeman over the bridge and then left to Morton Creek where we’ll circle around up to the Lynn Canyon Ecological Center and back down through Hastings Creek Park and the Westlynn area. We’ll re-enter Bridgeman Park and head back to the parking lot. The hike should take approximately 2 hours.

I believe all 3 leaders will be in attendance this week. Please be aware that parking is limited so we urge you to arrive early or find alternate parking at Park & Tilford and walk to the trailhead. Femina will be there at 9:15 to take $$ and do a headcount. We’ll leave at precisely 9:30am.


November 23rd, 2012 – Seaview Trail to Whyte Lake, West Vancouver

Hi Trail Trekkers:

Our hike on November 16th took us a little longer than usual but rest assured that todays’ hike will be within the 2 hours. We will be starting at GLENEAGES RECREATION CENTER on Marine Drive in West Vancouver and following the Seaview Trail up to the Whyte Lake trailhead. From there we will hike around Whyte Lake and head back down into Horseshoe Bay and back to the Gleneagles Center.

Bernie will be absent but Femina and Tracy will be there to guide you through the trails.

Come out and help celebrate Femina’s birthday

As usual, please be prompt – arrive at 9:15 so Femina can collect $$ and do the count. We leave promptly at 9:30am

November 16th, Lynn Loop to the 3rd Debris Chute, North Vancouver

Hey Trail Trekkers: It’s been a while since we’ve poked around the Lynn Headwaters. We’re meeting at 9:15am at the last parking lot in the Lynn Headwaters by the Rangers Station. We’ll set off up to the Lynn Loop and continue along to the 3rd Debris Chute and then back along Cedars Mill Trail.

Let’s hope we have another beautiful day for our hike, but as usual, we’ll see you rain or shine.

Also, a big thanks to everyone who helped with the directions in Cypress Falls this am – today was a group effort.

Bernie, Femina and Tracy will be leading on November 16th.

November 9th, 2012 – Cypress Falls, West Vancouver

Hey Trail Trekkers: Back to West Vancouver – this time we’ll hike around the Cypress Falls area.

Directions: Take the Highway West to Exit #4 and turn right onto Woodgreen. Continue along and turn right again off the third street to the Cypress Falls parking lot. There is a bit of a gravol road that you descend into the parking lot.

This hike is considered moderate – there are rooty, slippery sections and some up and downhill. Bring appropriate footwear and equipment.

Please arrive at 9:15 so that your leaders may collect money and take a proper headcount. We would like to leave at 9:30 on the dot.

See you Friday – Tracy, Femina and Bernie