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4th October 2013 – Mystery Lake, Seymour Mountain

Please say it isn’t so – October already – where has the time gone and even worse when did summer disappear?

Well, let’s take advantage of the mountains while we still can – the bugs are gone and the snow hasn’t arrived as of yet.

On Friday we’re meeting at the far end of the Seymour Mountain Parking lot at the base of the ski hill and we’ll wind our way up to Mystery Lake. I’m assuming that it’s too late for anyone to swim but the trail should be good and we haven’t hiked to Mystery Lake for sometime.

As usual, I will ask that everyone show up at 9:15 so Femina can do her count etc and we’ll take off at 9:30 precisely.

This hike is moderate to moderate + and requires proper footwear and poles (if needed). All transportation to and from the trailhead should be arranged between participants and prior to the hike.

See you in October.


27th September 2013 – Cypress Mountain – Alpine Parking Lot

Hi Trail Trekkers – let’s make hay while the sun shines – we’re off to Cypress Mountain this week for a hike through Yew Lake and up to the Bowen Lookout. Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine.

Your leaders will be Femina, Bernie and Tracy. Please ensure you arrive at the Cypress Alpine Parking lot around 9:15 so we can do our bookkeeping prior to leaving at 9:30 sharp.

Again, if you haven’t signed a NVRC Waiver of Participation please visit Delbrook and complete the form at the front desk.

As well, all participants must arrange their own rides to and fromthe hike. Please don’t assume that you’ll be able to get a ride. Leaders are prohibited from providing rides due to liability.

This is a moderate hike but proper footwear is required. Please come equipped.

See you on Friday.

20th September 2013 – Blue Genetian Lake, Cypress Mountain

Hey Trail Trekkers – back to the Nordic area of Cypress Mountain to view the Blue Genetians again before the end of September. Please meet at 9:15 in the Nordic area of the mountain – the hike will leave promptly at 9:30. This hike is moderate with rooty, steep sections. Proper hiking equipment and footwear are required.

Femina will be the sole leader so please help her out by being early and allowing her to collect the money and get an accurate count.

Just a couple of reminders, WAIVERS must be completed, signed and returned to the North Vancouver Recreation Center if you haven’t already completed the forms.

Also, . each participant is responsible for their own transportation to and from the trailhead each week Please make these arrangements between each other prior to the hike. Leaders are not allowed to provide rides for liability reasons.

Thanks for your cooperation.

13th September, 2013 – Dog Mountain on Seymour

Hey Trail Trekkers – we’re heading over to Seymour Mtn and hoping for a view once we arrive at the bluff on Dog Mountain. Please meet at the end of the Seymour Parking lot down by start of the ski run at 9:15 so that Femina can do her thing and we can start promptly at 9:30.

If you wish to carpool please arrange with individuals in advance. I would suggest meeting at the back of Parkgate Recreation Center behind the library at 9:00am.

If you haven’t already done so please pop into Delbrook and complete a Waiver form. All participants are responsible for signing one of these on an annual basis.

Dog Mountain is considered Moderate to Moderate + and although undulating there are areas that are rooty, rocky and steep. Please come prepared with appropriate hiking gear.

See you on Friday