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1st November 2013 – Whyte Lake via Black Mountain – Gleneagles Recreation Center

Hey Trail Trekkers

First of all, a very big thank you for all your support and kind words today.  The phone call I received on trail, although expected, still came as a shock and I appreciate all your patience.  I was hoping to be able to make it to the hospital after our hike but that wasn’t in the cards.

This week we’re meeting at Gleneagles Recreation Center in West Vancouver and will be heading up the Black Mountain Trailhead to Whyte Lake and then out at Nelson Creek and back along the Seaview Trail.  The uphill from Black Mountain to Whyte Lake is steep and poles are recommended.

Bernie and Femina will be leading you – I am taking a quick trip into Kelowna to celebrate some birthdays. 

Below are the directions for those individuals who need to check their routescout connections or for those individuals who need to sign up:

For those of you who are new to Trail Trekkers (or not…),  each week, our Rec Centre guides (Femina, Bernie and Tracy) post an announcement about the hike – including any changes to the hike, via “Routescout”.   The changes are not posted on this Trail Trekkers Listserve, nor on the NV Rec Centre http://www.  And, yes,  you have to sign up for Routescout separately from the TT Listserve.

Here are the directions on how to sign up for Routescout. 

  1. 1.      Log on to:
  2. 2.    At the bottom right hand corner of the blog web address, you will see a message that says “Follow”.  What “follow” means is that any time one of the guides posts something on the blog, you will receive an e-mail directly. 
  3. 3.    Click on “Follow” and add in your e-mail address.  Routescout will send you a confirmation email:
  4. 4.  Open the confirmation e-mail (see attachment 1)
  5. 5.    Click on “Confirm Follow”
  6. 6.    You should get a second confirmation (see attachment 2).

If you don’t get the second confirmation, something went wrong, so you’ll have to try again.


Please forward these directions to anyone who might need some help in accessing Routescout.

See you on November 8th and thanks again for today.


25th October 2013 – McCartney Creek Park, Mt Seymour Parkway

Hey Trail Trekkers – Please note, there is a change of hike this week. WE ARE NOT DOING QUARRY ROCK IN DEEP COVE, rather, we are meeting at McCartney Creek Park off Northlands (left off the Mount Seymour Parkway) and doing the Hyannis network of trails.

You will have one fearless leader as Bernie and Femina will both be away. Please, please, please arrive early enough that I can do the count and monies. We will leave precisely at 9:30am

Just a reminder, leaders are not allowed to provide rides to participants. There are liability issues if we were involved in an accident. Thanks so much

18th October 2013 – Lynn Loop, Lynn Headwaters

Hi Trail Trekkers – we’re meeting at the Rangers Station in the Lynn Headwaters for a trek through the Lynn Loop. This is a moderate hike – not a lot of elevation but there are rooty and muddy sections. Please wear appropriate hiking apparel.

Your leaders will be Bernie and Tracy. As usual, let’s meet a few minutes early so that the bookwork can be taken care of in advance of leaving promptly at 9:30am.

See you on Friday

11th October, 2013 – Black Mountain – Cypress Alpine

Raven #2

Group Photo


Cabin LakeHey Trail Trekkers – we’re back to Cypress Mtn next week. We’ll plan for Cabin Lake and Black Mountain. This is a Moderate + hike with steep uphill sections and loose rock on the downhill. Please wear appropriate footwear and bring poles for added stability.

You’ll have Bernie, Femina and Tracy leading the group. As usual, we request that you arrive a few minutes early so that we can do our bookkeeping and get the group going promptly at 9:30am.

Also, carpools should be arranged prior to hike day. We’ll leave that to the participants to organize.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday. Have a lovely week.

P.S. If the weather turns and Black Mountain isn’t possible we will meet at the Cypress Lodge and work out an alternate route.

4th October 2013 – Mystery Lake on Seymour Mountain

Hi Trail Trekkers: Just reikki’d the hike for tomorrow and we encountered patches of snow, water and ice. Hopefully all will be melted by Friday am but just wanted to give you a “heads-up” that proper footwear is a necessity. Please bring poles for added stability.

We’ll see you at the parking lot on Seymour Mountain at 9:15 and be ready to leave at 9:30 on the dot!