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6th December 2013 – Brothers Creek, West Vancouver

Hi Trail Trekkers – well December is upon us once again. It is the season for Merry Ho Ho and if we’re lucky our next hike will take us into the snow, snow (sorry – bad humour). We’re meeting on Millstream Road at the top of the properties and taking a swing through the Larsen Trail in the Brothers Creek area.

Depending on weather I would suggest that you come prepared with grippers, good solid hiking boots and poles. This is a moderate hike but the terrain is steep and slippery in sections.

Please ensure that you have rides to and from the trailhead if you’re participating. Leaders are not allowed to drive participants due to liability issues. See you next week.

I also want to give you a “heads up” that the December 20th hike has been changed due to popular demand. I understand the Christmas Party is being held at Spurway Gardens in West Vancouver so to make commuting easier we will be meeting at Klee Wyck past Spurway at the parking lot under the overpass and heading up into the Cleveland Dam trails. I have notified the Recreation Center and hopefully they will update the website prior to that date.


29th November 2013 – Fishermans Trail

Hi Trail Trekkers – we’re going to meet at the End of the Line café and head down Fishermans Trail and over the Twin Bridges to some of the other trails that branch off the powerline.

The hike will be moderate with rooty, steep sections so please come prepared.

See you on Friday.

22nd November 2013 – Old Buck Trail

Hi Trail Trekkers: On Friday November 22nd we’re meeting behind the library at the Parkgate Recreation Center and Bernie will lead us up and around the Old Buck Trail in Lower Seymour. Be prepared for an uphill climb and rooty, slippery sections.

As usual, we will meet at 9:15am to allow time for $$ and counting heads before heading off on trail.

See you next week..

15th November, 2013 – Hyannis Loop from Riverside Drive, North Vancouver

Hi Trail Trekkers – we’re going to meet at the end of Riverside Drive off the Mount Seymour Parkway and explore the trails at the far end of Fishermans Trail and into some of the Hyannis trails.

Bernie and Femina will both be away so please arrive at 9:15 so that I can do the $$$ and count and get us on our way at 9:30 promptly.

I noticed the Rec Center schedule states that our meeting place is the end of Seymour River Drive – this is incorrect – it is RIVERSIDE DRIVE – please ensure that you have the right spot.

The hike is moderate but appropriate footwear and/or poles are recommended as some of the trails will be rooty and rocky.

See you next week.

8th November, 2013 – InterRiver Park

Hey Trail Trekkers – Bernie and Femina will be meeting you at 9:15am at the washrooms at InterRiver Park off Lillooet Road in North Vancouver to explore the trails in the area. There is some paved sections but mainly trails.

Please arrive early enough that Femina can do the headcount and collect monies. All participants must arrange their own rides to and from the trail. Leaders are not permitted to provide rides to participants for liability reasons.

Tracy will be back on November 15th. Happy Hiking.