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7th February, 2014 – SNOWSHOE – Bowen Lookout, Cypress Mtn

TT Bowen Lookout

TT Bowen Lookout2

TT Bowen Lookout4Hi Trail Trekkers:

Let’s try this again – we’ll meet at the Cypress Chalet in the Alpine for a snowshoe through Yew Lake and up to the Bowen Lookout. We may continue on up to the Howe Sound Crest Trail and then loop back to the Chalet along the side of the ski run.

As always, please arrange to meet at 9:15 and be ready to leave for the hike at 9:30. Give yourself plenty of time to park, pick up your backcountry pass (at the old Chalet) and get your gear on for a 9:30 departure.

Fingers are crossed that the weather will cooperate but as always if we have to change plans I will update Routescout by Thursday of next week.

See you on February 7th …


31st January 2014 – CHANGE OF HIKE, End of Riverside Drive – Hyannis Trails

Hi Trail Trekkers – the snow continues to elude us so we’re interchanging our January 31st hike snowshoe with our February 7th hike and hoping that the snows will fly next week.

For Friday January 31st please meet at the end of Riverside Drive in North Vancouver and we’ll explore the various trails around the Fisherman area and Hyannis.

As usual, we’ll meet at 9:15 and the hike will leave at 9:30.

Please wear appropriate gear including good hiking shoes and bring poles if you prefer.

I have asked the Rec Centre to update the schedule on the web but if you know of anyone who doesn’t use RouteScout please let them know about the change in schedule.

See you Friday.

31st January 2014 – SNOWSHOE Cypress Alpine Bowen Lookout

Hey Trail Trekkers – the weather is forecasting rain/snow next week so we’ll keep our fingers crossed and meet at the Alpine Chalet on Cypress Mountain at 9:15. We’ll take a spin around Yew Lake and head up and out towards the Bowen Lookout and perhaps come back on the Howe Sound Crest trail.

I understand that backcountry passes are now available for pick up at the old Chalet in the parking lot (not at the new Chalet like last year). Also, parking regulations for snowshoers have changed. I will update Route Scout with the information once I’ve confirmed everything.

Please, please be on time so that you don’t keep your fellow participants waiting in the cold. We will leave at 9:30 precisely.

If anything changes I will update Route Scout on Thursday.

Cheers Tracy

24th January, 2014 – Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

Hey Trail Trekkers – No one has been doing their “snow dance” hence the hike for the 24th January has to be changed. We were going to snowshoe Black Mountain but with conditions the way they are we’ll have to postpone for a few weeks and bring the hike down to the low levels.

We’ll meet at Panorama Park in Deep Cove and hike up to Quarry Rock. Please arrive a few minutes early so that Femina can take $$$ and count #s. The hike starts promptly at 9:30am. This is a moderate hike with some steep, slippery sections. Proper footwear and poles are recommended.

The sunny weather forecast should give us some magnificent views and then at the end of the hike we can make our way to Honeys’ for coffee and donuts. Lets pray that the snows fly soon.

Tracy and Femina will be leading the way – Bernie won’t be available.

Trail Trekkers – Mount Seymour Snowshoe Report

Hi Everyone: Just got back from Mt. Seymour and thought you’d be interested to know that the conditions to Dog Mountain and around the lake aren’t great. There are bare patches and a number of small stream crossings with running water.

The snowshoe trail leading up the mountain towards Mt. Seymour and Dinkey Peak are pretty good. No new snow but not icy and very pleasant. We checked out the trails and were glad that we went up although conditions feel more like spring than winter.

See you all at Whyte Lake on Friday.


17th January 2014 – Whyte Lake from Westport Trailhead

Hey Trail Trekkers – the snow conditions on the mountain aren’t optimal so we’re going to change our hike this Friday. Instead of our scheduled snowshoe on Dog Mountain we’re going to meet at the Westport Trailhead and do the Whyte Lake loop.

The Dog Mountain snowshoe will be moved to the following week (January 24th). Let’s hope the snow gods look kindly on us and the snowshoe trail will be ready for us next week.

As usual, please meet at the trailhead at 9:15 so that Femina can do her count. We leave promptly at 9:30.

Femina, Bernie and Tracy will be leading this weeks’ hike.

P.S. Please ensure that you pass the word along that the hike has been changed to those individuals who may not have access to Routescout. I have contacted the Delbrook Recreation Center with the change as well.

17th January 2014 – Dog Mountain – Snowshoe

Hey Trail Trekkers – let’s get moving and do a little “snow” dance so that we can get up Seymour Mountain next week and enjoy a snowshoe to Dog Mountain.

If all works well we’ll meet at the top of the mountain at 9:15am and start the snowshoe at 9:30am. Remember, you have to park either in the Nordic parking lot or along the side of the road leading into the main lot. Give yourself ample time. If you wish to carpool please organize between yourselves. All participants are responsible for organizing rides to and from the trailhead in advance of the hike day.

If the snow doesn’t cooperate I will send out another Routescout towards the end of the week (Thursday) with an alternate hike.

Just another note, again, a HUGE thank you for the lovely Christmas planter. Angela showed up at Cypress Falls today to give it to me since we hadn’t connected over the holidays. The planter is beautiful and it was most thoughtful of everyone to remember how sensitive I am to fragrance. I really appreciate the beautiful, non-fragrant array of plants.

See you next Friday.