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7th March 2014 – Grouse Mountain Snowshoe

Hi Everyone: We’re off to Grouse Mountain for a snowshoe this week. Please meet at the base of the tram just after 9:00am so that we can catch the 9:15 tram to the Chalet. Our hike will leave at 9:30 from the firepit outside of the Chalet.

Please remember to bring your Grouse Mtn passes or money for the tram ride.

We can go as little or as far as everyone wishes – we’ll see what the day brings and what the conditions are like.

Femina and Tracy will lead the hike as Bernie will be jetting his way back to Vancouver after a weeks’ respite in Puerto Vallarta.


28th February, 2014 – Dog Mountain Snowshoe

Hey Trail Trekkers: We’re off to Seymour Mountains’ Dog Mountain to do some snowshoeing. We’ll meet at the end of the parking lot near the trailhead at 9:15.

The snowshoe will commence at exactly 9:30am. See you on the mountain.

Leaders will be Femina and Tracy – Bernie will be winging his way to Puerto Vallarta at the time we start out.

21st February 2014 – Change of Venue – InterRiver Park

Hey Trail Trekkers – by popular demand we’re changing Quarry Rock to InterRiver Park on Friday.  We’ll meet in the parking lot off Lillooet Road by the washrooms and Bernie will lead us through the paths and trails of InterRiver in the Seymour area.

We start at 9:30 on the dot so please arrive early to be counted in and get organized.

See you at InterRiver …

21st February 2014 – Quarry Rock, Panorama Park Deep Cove

Hi Trail Trekkers – we’re back to the Cove this week and we’ll do the Rock or some version of it. I know we were just out there but perhaps we can mix it up somewhat and include an urban walk with the Quarry Rock trails. Let’s see how everyone is feeling and what the group wants to do.

Anyhow, we’ll meet at 9:15 per usual and take off at 9:30 on the dot. Please wear appropriate hiking gear and bring poles if required.

See you in Deep Cove next week.


14th February 2014 – Happy Valentines Day – Black Mountain Snowshoe

Hey Trail Trekkers – the weatherman promises snow this coming week so let’s strap on our snowshoes and head up towards Cabin Lake and onto Black Mountain. This snowshoe is not for the faint of heart – it is a steep uphill but the views are magnificent once we summit.

For those that don’t want the challenge perhaps the Yew Lake, Bowen Lookout trail could be an option. I’m sure one of the leaders would be happy to go with you if needed.

Let’s meet at the Chalet and decide who’s going where. Please meet at 9:15 at the Chalet (remember to pick up your Back Country pass at the old Chalet) and be ready for a 9:30 start. It’s much too cold to be standing and waiting for everyone.

P.S. I will post the pictures from 7th February over the weekend.